When it comes to technology today, cloud computing is one of the most prevalent. Many well-known companies have established themselves in the cloud computing arena by offering unique services in a cloud computing environment, including: 

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  3. IBM Cloud, Rackspace
  4. Microsoft Azure, etc.

Microsoft Azure is emerging as a market leader, accounting for 29% of the overall cloud application workload. However, the road to becoming a Microsoft Azure certified professional is the most challenging certification path available in the cloud industry. Here, we’ll discuss Microsoft Azure certification, also known as the AZ 104, and present vital information to assist you in deciding on your future profession.

What is the Azure Administrator Certification, and How Does it Work?

The Azure Administrator certification is one of Microsoft’s entry-level certificates, and it is primarily concerned with assisting students in gaining hands-on experience with the Azure platform. This certification is for experienced IT administrators who work with Azure regularly. 

However, it is also an excellent prospect to demonstrate your abilities and get valuable lab experience with Microsoft azure certifications if you are looking for your first Azure job.

It is critical to demonstrate your ability to manage a customer’s Azure environment by configuring Compute, Storage, Network, and other Azure services generally handled by engineering and operations teams to sit for and pass these tests.

Description of the AZ-104 Exam:

  • Candidates for the Azure certifications should have extensive experience implementing, managing, and monitoring a Microsoft Azure environment inside an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • This placement’s commitments possess executing, controlling, and monitoring originality, administration, storage, compute, and virtual grids in a cloud environment and provisioning, sizing, monitoring, and modifying aids as needed. Additionally, other accounts provide that the cloud atmosphere is secured.
  • Naturally, an Azure supervisor works as part of a more oversized team responsible for establishing a particular firm’s cloud architecture.
  • To qualify for the Microsoft Cloud certification, a candidate must have at least six months of hands-on experience managing Azure, in addition to a thorough grasp of essential Azure services as well Azure workloads, protection, and administration.
  • In addition, this placement should be familiarity mentioned above with PowerShell, Azure CLI, the Azure interface, and Azure Resource Manager template creation.

Important Information About the Exam: 

  • Microsoft certification examinations are graded on a scale of 1 to 1000 points. For example, to pass the AZ 104 test and get your Azure Administrator Badge, you must score 700 or above.
  • After completing your preparation, you will need to book your examination online for the azure certifications. In normal conditions, you would take your Exam in a test center or online; but because of the Covid-19 issue, only online testing is possible at this time.
  • Ideally, you will get expert credentials after completing the examination, but this certification is a significant first step. You will get an unimaginable quantity of experience with Azure at a deep level, even if certification is not your objective. This knowledge will help you obtain your first job in Azure or make you a better cloud administrator.
  • The AZ-104 test will generally need to be renewed every 18 months. Microsoft will discontinue certificates from time to time. You may also discover exam numbers develop over time (this is what occurred with the prior test AZ-103) when Microsoft modifies the curriculum considerably for the certification.
  • Even though it is an entry-level the AZ 104 Exam is best for the azure certification training. It would help if you went into the difficulty anticipating numerous questions such as multiple-choice, scenarios, laboratories, etc. One trick is not to get overwhelmed as you get into the test. You will have many questions to go through, and you may frequently come back to things you didn’t wholly comprehend at first.
  • Make extra efforts to obtain hands-on experience by following the demonstrations and testing things out for yourself in your lab.

Microsoft is one of the top participants in the cloud industry, with a 29 percent application workload of the whole cloud market. If you are curious about constructing a career with Microsoft Azure technology which is the AZ 104, we strongly suggest taking the aforementioned Microsoft azure certification. Role-based certifications involve configuration and management of computing, storage, networking, security, dependability, integration, development, and operations skills.

Organisations are quickly embracing Microsoft Azure cloud services and have their own azure certification cost, and the need is rising for qualified Azure administrators, solution architects, developers, and security experts. To get certified and successfully gain a job, you’ll not only need to learn how to design, administer, and protect Azure cloud systems, but you’ll also need actual, hands-on experience.

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