PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is an addiction and enjoyable game. As there are many issues in the game and one of them is a good headset. If you want the chicken dinner, you need a good Wireless Bluetooth Earphones while you are playing PUBG. You are required to wear a headset so that it won’t disturb anyone sitting around you and you get much effect of shots, footsteps and many other noises without the headset you won’t get many effects in the game. Bluetooth headsets are the best for gaming purpose. You won’t get any distraction if you use a wireless Bluetooth headset.

How to choose the best Bluetooth headset for PUBG?

Do you wish to hear every sound in the PUBG game, even ‘ants footsteps’? Then you are the right place to choose and get your headsets for playing the PUBG game. Just don’t go behind any headsets wisely without spending a fortune on it. If you want to hear each and every small sound, you can get quality hardware Bluetooth headsets for phone in PUBG without selling your kidney to buy it.

Comfort Is Very Important!                                                                                                             

First thing, we all look at our comfort zone. You are a gamer, and you know how to play games with an uncomfortable headset for a few hours to your ears. If you want to hear the real footsteps in the PUBG? You should use the best headsets which give you the gaming effects facilities so that you can feel comfortable and use the headsets for long hours in real life to hear the real footsteps. So make sure you go for best and comfortable gaming headsets. You can easily decide whether the headset is comfortable or not by reading the user experience reviews. Your ears are more important that headsets. Choose a comfortable headset which gives you free comfort for extended use.

We all see many advertisements about cheap headsets with poor quality having green or red claws saying “Gaming Headsets” on its package. If it says gaming headsets, it doesn’t mean for good gaming. My suggestion would be to focus on sound quality instead of looks. Of course, there is a quality and a genuine gaming headset out there. Here you can find the Best Bluetooth headset in India.

Acid Eye 4.1 Best Bluetooth Headset In India.

I advise you to go for this Bluetooth Headset which has many features in it, and it also gives the best effect while playing the games. It is built with:

Waterproof sports headphones with over ear hooks, secure fit with silicone and foam ear tips. These headphones have ergonomically designed with flexible ear hooks to stay comfortably firm in place to guarantee fatigue-free ears and tangle free comfort.

HD sound and Noise canceling MIC headphones have incredible HD stereo sound quality with bass, soaring highs, and clear midrange. Noise canceling earphones with CVC 6.0 technology reduces outside noise and offers a strong signal. The Bluetooth earbuds with mic and volume control deliver astonishing acoustics with bass. Good sports earphones in a lightweight package.

Wireless and universal connectivity with Bluetooth V4.1 technology allows pairing to iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus and other Android phones, Windows phones up to 10 meters (33 feet) with wireless headphones.

It gives charging upto 8 hours of listening to your favorite music and it has a powerful polymer battery is 80 (MAH) takes just up to 2hours to full charge.

Wireless sports earbuds are made of high-quality materials using high-tech innovations and have premium packaging.

Advantages of Acid Eye Headphones:

Superb sound.

Bluetooth v4.1 technology.

Operating distance of upto 30ft.

Easy controls.

Special sweat resistance.

Hands-free call.

Ergonomic ear-fit design.

Noise reduction.

Disadvantages of Acid Eye Headphones:

It doesn’t have a good shape.