In today’s world where technology and web usage are advancing rapidly, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also evolving exponentially. SEO experts and web designers now have more tools and technology to use compared 10 to 20 years ago. According to Align Digital Marketing Twitter page, as we enter 2018, many continued to expect and predict that this trend will continue to advance whether it is in SEO or web design, giving more options to improve websites. It is helpful and essential to revisit every SEO consideration in regards to the latest trends in web design trends including parallax, HTML5 design and responsive.

Most designers and SEO experts believe that incorporating the three design options is a good thing, but the most important thing when it comes to SEO is accessibility and architecture, which is at least one of the three designs are not good at. Avery designer knows that to have a successful website, they should design it with the end user in mind. It will also make easier for SEO experts to market the site if it is user-friendly. There are reasons why it is crucial to building your design around the users or your target market. In this article, we will discuss the steps to be taken for SEO experts to consider when talking about user experience design and website interaction

Website Design Trends

Parallax web design puts the content on one page and set the user’s experience their primary focus. It is a great way to lead their target market in the process. Almost all websites that use parallax design has seen a lot of improvement when it comes to conversion rates. It is true that parallax design is more straightforward for the end user or the target market, it is very tough for web designers and SEO experts to work with. With a one-page website, it is tough to leverage a search. Not only that, it is difficult for SEO experts to use their techniques to market the site and attract visitors or traffic to the page. But despite this disadvantage, many SEO professionals still use parallax designs because they can still make great designed websites that have more than one page. You can also incorporate parallax intended pages to other parallax pages as part of your main website instead of making a separate site.

According to Google, responsive design is the best method of designing when your target market uses multiple designs.

There are advantages when it comes to user experience if you are using responsive web design for your website. It allows your sites to perform optimally even if you are using multiple devices.  In addition to that, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization is that your link equity will not be diluted. It means that responsive website design will give you a URL for both the main site and the mobile site. It means, it is much easier to get external backlinks compared to having to attract backlinks to two separate URLs. Most designers heard of switchboard tags, but for them, they don’t pass 100% link value. But according to Bryson Meunier, responsive design presents essential Search Engine Optimization considerations to be aware of. Usually, one URL will limit a website’s ability to segment keywords targeted towards keywords that are appropriate for people that are using mobile devices.

According to most designers, HTML5 will be the next big thing in website design. The problem is, the implementation can be very tough for most SEO experts. The HTML5 design is impressive, but if there’s even one mistake in the coding, Google will see it as an empty webpage. 

(What is HTML5 design? Click here.)

SEO Web Design, Javascript

A lot of websites give more emphasis on the visual aspect of the website, and HTML5 codes are known to deliver that to sites.  HTML5 runs JavaScript, which makes it difficult for Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines to crawl, it is difficult to understand for search engines. If it is possible, you need to show content that is static to represent your HTML5 materials so search engine bots can quickly index your pages. The bad news is, there are few web developers will take the time to use static contents on their website. Out of 20 CSS3 Animation, at least half of it is invisible to search engine bots.