Odyssey Cinema Concept has taken its pride in providing the top-quality video and audio products on the market. They are still in a persistent pursuit to continually strive towards the latest technology in both visual and audio entertainment for complete client satisfaction. Over the decades, Odyssey Cinema Concepts has based on invention and design; thus, it keeps them at the top of an expanding market. Odyssey VT 20   is among the top-rated home theatre that widely for both presentations and cinemas. The following are features of this great product:    

Odyssey Projector Product Features

  •   Display size 50” to 250”.
  •   Full HDTV 1080pprojector
  •   Ratio of 45,000:1 contrast
  •   DVD, 3D, HD Blu-ray and gaming compatible
  •   4500 lumens ANSI 
  •   LED lamp approximately 20,000 hours
  •     Audio, PC Video Input, Y/PB/BR
  •   180-degree rotation flip

Home Theater screens Projector 

If you want to experience a real movie moment in your house, ODYSSEY VX-9 is a perfect choice. If there is an image or video projection, the availability of the projector screen is unavoidable. The projector screen is a unique flat screen for hanging on the wall or raised vertically where the object is reflected so that the size of the image can be enlarged. The screen surface is usually colored white and rough.  

There are various types of dependable projector screens. These include portable projector screen, home projector screens, electric projector screens, fixed-frame projector, and movie board projection screens. All the mentioned screensare used as the home theatre screen projector. They are also available in multiples and even specialized materials projection tailor-made to add into video quality. These home theatre projectors can easily set up in the boardroom, training room or the auditorium.

The available dimension of screen projectors

The screens mentioned above come in various measurements, beginning from a standard model ratio 4:3 to as wide as 16:9. Most of these home theatre projectors are available with masking border with block color, in TV format, with a stylish curved extruded case made from aluminum, the roller motor designed for silent operation and other amenities.

Top rated home theatre Projectors 

The following are varieties of the high rated projectors in the market. These include Sanyo-PLV-Z4, BenQ PE8720, Panasonic PT-AE900U, Epson-Power-Lite Cinema 550, Optoma H31, In-Focus-Screen-Pay 4805, Sony-VPL-VW100, and much more.  

Things to consider during installation 

As you install a projector for the home theatre or a little-sized presentation room, you have to implement various techniques that one can use with the commercial installation of the projector. They come in different sizes, so certain factors must be taken into consideration like the ceiling height, as well as, the targeted budget. The following are several essential easy tips that can be remembered when going for the installation of a personal home theatre system:

Firstly, consider the seating arrangements in the viewing area. Depending on the shape of your projector, whether, square or rectangle, you have to be sure that everyone in the theatre will have a perfect view of the projection. This is significant especially if you intend to create a big home theatre in your home.