The experimentation technique is a way of investigation. There are many research techniques where the experimentation technique is one of them. Let’s discuss different aspects related to the experimentation technique used in the research method.

What Is Experimental Method in Research

In this technique, you are supposed to collect some variables and then develop a relationship in between them. This relation can be direct or indirect. The final result is always based on data experimentation. You cannot assume anything in research by yourself. You need some ground bases on which you have to claim anything. In order to prove whether the claim right or wrong, you are supposed to do experimental research. This type of research is best suitable for cause and effect relationships. This cause and effect can be for any type of idea.


You can see that experimentation technique plays major role in the field of research. This is just because of its so many advantages. In experimental methods, you have high control over overwork. For example, you have designed variables as dependent and independent. After analysing the variables, you do not get the right result. Here you can change the type of variable and change the outcomes accordingly.

Another advantage of working on the experimental method is that you are not bound for any idea. You can do research on any field or area of study. You need to understand the actual purpose of experimental research. The purpose is the same as to check if some idea is valid or not. Based on that idea you can develop lots of things in the near future. Also, you can make new products based on experimental research. Your ideas may face failure, but that is fine. At least you get the mistake of your idea or claim. The same failure works as a support for your new work. However, in case of any issue, you can get PhD dissertation help.

Types of Experimental Method

There are different types of experimental methods. In each type, the purpose of experimentation technique is to see the relationship of variables. These types are mentioned below;

  • Lab experiments
  • Field experiments
  • Natural experiments

Let’s discuss each type in detail.

Lab Experiments

Lab experiment is one type of experimental method. In it, you have to take care of lots of things. First of all, you must have all the required equipment. If you lack in the availability of equipment, it will cause serious problems for you. The availability of equipment is necessary for an accurate result. In lab experiments, you can have many alternative ways to perform a single task. The point is that you may lose accuracy in alternate ways. The second important aspect of lab experimentation is the controlled conditions required for testing, while the last aspect is standards for testing. You are bound to follow testing standards. If you ensure all these aspects, you will surely end up with accurate results.

Field Experiments

The field experimental method is the most convenient type. The use of field experiments is observed on daily basis. The best thing about this type is that you can manipulate lots of real-life problems through this. In this type of experimentation technique, you may see a lot of differences from theory. For example, what you have studied in your coursework, the real-life experiment can differ from that. So, you get a chance to deal with things in a real way. Just like everything else, there are some pros and some cons of field experiments. We have just discussed the pros of field experiments. On the other hand, its con is that other researchers may not be able to use your data. The reason behind this is the variation in the current variables. In future, the change in variable would not let another researcher to use your data.

Natural Experiments

The type of experiment in which you have no control of dependent or independent variables is termed a natural experiment. This type of experiment is mostly observed in the file of biology. Each type of experimentation technique has its importance in the field of research. You just have to see which type is the most suitable for your research topic. The selection of method type is based on some factors. It includes the research problem and objectives of the research in particular. You cannot select any type of experimental method randomly. It is always based on your research goal. There is another important factor that contributes to the selection of experimental method type. This factor is the availability of resources. You have to see both of the factors side by side.

Experimental Method Steps

There are eight steps to be followed for the experimentation technique. Make it clear in your mind that you cannot skip any step. Every step has its importance that is necessary for research work. For every step, you have to be attentive. A little mistake can ruin all of your efforts and time. Sometimes you can recover everything with some extra effort. Keep it in your mind that you will not be able to recover things at some point, in such cases, you might have to restart everything from the first step. So, in order to avoid all such unpleasant situations, you have to keep your focus on every step. Following are the steps for the experimental method:

  • Make a problem statement
  • Research on the topic of discussion
  • Make a hypothesis for research
  • Select suitable type of experiment
  • Collect data required for experimentation
  • Analyse the collected data
  • List down results
  • Discuss about results

Final Thoughts

The best results of experimentation technique are only possible if you work with full attention. You have to work hard as well as smart. In this way, you can achieve the goals of the research. You can avoid the cons of the experimentation technique by collecting valid data. Also, the right selection of experiment types matters a lot here. The last important thing related to the experimental method is the logical discussion based on data analysis.